Serere and the coolest ants ever …

… Leaf cutter ants … they cut up small sections of leaf and carry them for quite some distance … about 50 meters … I think perhaps even more, and they create ‘highways’ clearings in the dirt because they walk up and down the same track … a bit like humans, and they take the leaves back to their nest where they turn them into compost … mushrooms then grow from the compost and this is what they eat. How cool is that?
(A little hard to get a good photo, but hopefully you get the idea!)

Yes, that’s a frog

And cabins to sleep in with mesh for walls. Although woke in the morning to discover that something had taken to eating my snickers bar in the night. Luckily the net had been securely tucked in.

Serere and the Spider Monkeys

We approached these guys from the water, in a small wooden canoe, I was sitting in the front and as we got close to the shore one of the mother monkeys, with her baby on her back came running down the bank, onto the canoe and into my arms. She held on and gave me a big hug … wouldn’t let go … I had to get out of the canoe with her holding on tight. So sweet.

Day One with Andean Epics

I didn’t take many photos this day. I thought it best to concentrate on one thing …
biking down the mountain! And trust me, that needed some concentration.

The photos I did take really do not do justice to how stunning the landscape is …
or how much fun the ride was.Lunch was super healthy vege soup made by one of the local women and rolls with tons of avocado, cheese, cucumber and tomato.

I think you can just make out the river at the bottom of the valley – on the lower right hand side. We rode the rest of the afternoon right to the river. Not bad. 🙂