Day One with Andean Epics

I didn’t take many photos this day. I thought it best to concentrate on one thing …
biking down the mountain! And trust me, that needed some concentration.

The photos I did take really do not do justice to how stunning the landscape is …
or how much fun the ride was.Lunch was super healthy vege soup made by one of the local women and rolls with tons of avocado, cheese, cucumber and tomato.

I think you can just make out the river at the bottom of the valley – on the lower right hand side. We rode the rest of the afternoon right to the river. Not bad. 🙂

1 thought on “Day One with Andean Epics

  1. Looks awesome Nat, wish I was there at that little table with you eating soup and taking in those views! Great time to be away, solid rain here… The Andes look so incredible, and great pics…. Rupert turned everyones internet email off if you’re wondering… because of the phone hacking thing?! We miss you at work!

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